Frequently Asked Questions About Furthurside Camping

Q: Is your campground noisy? Crowded?

A: Nope. We keep our guest count to a minimum so it feels intimate and friendly for everyone (kids included). Even with a full house everyone has some space to spread out and enjoy. We also set a chill vibe which is festive but also respectful so we can all have some fun but also get some peace and rest after a long day at Fair.

It’s not a monastery however, and it is Fair weekend afterall – a time to let go and celebrate- but we’re more about being chill and building a cool scene and mellow vibe than raging into the night. In fact, if you’re looking for a late night party scene we’re not the right place for you. We also start to mellow things out by 10pm so everyone can get some rest. Quiet hours are enforced.

Q: Do you accept RVs?

A: We have 5 spaces for “small RVs” – 22′ is maximum length.

Q: Vanagons? Car camping?

A: We do not allow car camping, unless you’ve got a Vanagon and are parked in our Vanagon-land area. You’ll need to purchase a special pass for the Van.

Q: Are the Port-a-Potties clean?

A: Yes there’s plenty and they’re plenty clean, with daily service and more than enough for everyone. In fact, we exceed the recommended number of Pots and pump-outs to insure you have as pleasant experience as you can in a potty.

Q: I’m not attending Fair. Can I come camp anyway?

A: Sorry, you’ll need to have a minimum of 2-day ticket for Fair in order to camp with us. Please have your tickets or will-call receipt with you at time of check-in.

Q: Can I buy my pass at the gate?

A: Don’t wait. We usually sell out before Fair and ticket prices get higher the closer we get to the big weekend. We rarely have tickets at the gate.

Q: Can I buy a pass for just one or two nights?

A: Sorry, we only sell full-weekend (Thurs-Mon) passes. Even if you’re coming for just 1 or 2 nights you’ll need a full weekend pass.

Q: Guests?

A: We’re sorry – no guests. For safety and security, only those with a camping pass are able to come on the land. We have hired security on site to help keep this enforced. If you bring non-ticketed guests on the land you’ll all need to leave – no refunds.

Q: Is there drinking water?

A: We have fresh, free drinking water available. Please bring a re-usable bottle.

Q: Showers?

A: Yes, we have beautiful, hand-built, private showers. $5. Fresh and hot.

Q: I’m under 18 years of age. Can I camp?

A: Guests under 18 are only allowed with their family or legal guardian.

Q: Pets?

A: Sorry, we can not accommodate animals of any kind.

Q: Food?

A: Yes! We’ve got two food trucks, with breafast, coffee and dinner and late-night grub. If you also plan to eat at the Fair during the day, you’ll really have little cooking to do.

Q: Candles? Campfires? Cooking?

A: No open flames! That includes charcoal grills, candles or incense. Propane camp stoves are ok. Please bring a small table to keep stoves off the ground. Fire danger.

Q: Is there a store or place to get sundries and ice?

A: Yes we’ve got a General Store with snacks, ice, water, juice, soda, bug spray, flashlights, batteries, and a charging station. We’ve also got crafts, gifts and cool stuff for sale that you’ll definitely love.

Q: In and out parking?

A: Parking is $10 and you can drive in and out as many times as you wish during the weekend.

Q: What are your quiet hours?

A: To keep it mellow and fun for all guests, quiet hours are from 10pm – 8am. We know some people like to enjoy themselves later into the night and we ask that they come up towards the front of the property by the stage.

Q: Drugs? Alcohol? Nicotene?

A: No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the property. Tobacconists please be courteous of your neighbors (and be sure to put your butts out good).

Q: Are you really on the river? Can I swim?

A: Yes, the Long Tom River meanders its way through our back camping meadow and with all the twists and turns we’ve got some nice river frontage. Most folks don’t swim in the Long Tom since there’s a lot of agricultural activity in the area and the water isn’t going to win any wild and scenic river designation. But it’s a sweet spot to cool your feet and relax. Plus the river attracts lots of deer and waterfowl (we’ve also got resident hawks and herons). We even have trout! If you get here early you may even get a spot overlooking the Long Tom.

The weather leading up to the fair will decide whether the river is high or low, running or stagnant, and wading in will be up to you – no lifeguard on duty.

Q: Can I vend?

A:  We have a nice-sized crowd of people but not really large enough amount to probably make it economically viable. If you’d like to throw a blanket and sell some things in the camping area, feel free.

Q: Mosquitoes?

A: The area around and including the Oregon Country Fair is a mostly forested, damp flood plain which means that mosquitoes live here too – and can come out in abundance especially around dusk, so please plan accordingly. Bring long pants, long sleeves (actually a hoodie is great) and bug repellent (DEET truthfully works best).

Q: Cell phone access?

A: You should have fine cell service.

Q: Security?

A: Yes, we will have hired security on site at the main gate and roving the property, and our puppies Huckle and Jedi who will provide any required backup.