Furthurside Campground Rules and Regs

Most everyone follows the rules because they keep everyone safe, sound and having a fun time while being respectful of other guests. We reserve the right to end your stay at the Furthurside without refund for any of the following, so please be mindful:

  • No harboring fugitives (No guests!).  If a guest is caught trying to sneak-in or accommodate a non-guest, you’ll both be escorted from the property with no refunds. We’ve done it. It’s a bummer. Sorry, no refunds. Again, no guests.
  • No open flames. Propane camp-stoves ok. No charcoal grills, no candles, no incense please. Fire danger. And no tiki torches. Please put your propane grill up on a little table or stand.
  • No animals of any kind. Please don’t be that person trying to hide a dog in your car all weekend.
  • Quiet please. We ask you to mellow out and lay low by 10pm so all our guests can get some rest. If you’d like to party on later, please head to the front part of the property.
  • Know your limits. Everyone loves to be festive, but we ask you to respect your limits, and ours. If you’re intoxicated and it’s causing problems (up to us), you’ll need to leave without refund.
  • Safety First. You’re ultimately responsible for the safety of your personal belongings. Please keep valuables on you or locked in your car.
  • Livestrong. You get one wristband for the weekend. Please don’t lose it, and if it’s stretched or damaged you won’t get in.
  • Car Camping. All camping is in the back of the property, not in cars please. Vanagons in the Vanagon Land camping area are the only exceptions.
  • No refunds. We hope you can stay the whole weekend, but life happens and sometimes you need to leave early. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide refunds for early departures (or unused tickets).