Parking at The Furthurside Campground

Since you’re likely coming by car, here’s a little 411 for you:

  • All guests park in the big front meadow, which is visible from Suttle Road. This is just a parking lot, and there’s no camping here. All camping is in the back part of the property by the forest and the river.
  • Parking is $10 per car for the weekend, paid at the gate, and you have in and out privileges.
  • Gates are closed 11pm till 6am, so please be sure to get back to camp before then.
  • You’ll receive a parking pass when you arrive. Please keep it in the windshield for the weekend – or forever!
  • We don’t have space for oversized vehicles unless they’re in a dedicated “RV” spot with a corresponding ticket. If you have an extra long bus/van, super giant cab pickup or RV and don’t let us know we may not be able to accommodate you when you arrive. We just don’t have the space. Please get in touch if you have any questions!
  • We do have 15 designated Vanagon spaces and you’re welcome to camp with your van (choose this option during checkout  + you’ll need a camping pass), but everyone else camps in the back.
  • You’ll take your things from your car to the camping area via sturdy garden carts and/or shuttle.
  • Experience the joy of parking.

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