Oregon Country Fair Camping at The Furthurside

There’s five main camping areas. They’re all great and there’s something special that makes each area unique. Where you wind up somewhat depends on when arrive but you’re welcome to camp anywhere you like and there’s always plenty of space.

*Please note: all camping is in the beautiful back half of the property. Garden carts and trailer shuttle are used to move your things from your car to the campsite. Your car will remain parked up front in our meadow lot. There’s no car camping besides Vanagon spaces.

The Far Meadow (On The River)

The large main meadow at the back of the property, with 1/4 mile  of Long Tom River frontage/views. Big, open, with a mix of shady spots and those in an open field. Lots of nature. Really beautiful. Our most popular area, but still not crowded and plenty of space to stretch out and make a big camp with your friends. Borders the river and we have a beach to cool your feet in the water.

Yahoobitzville Shady Grove

Deep, lush, shady alcove just off The Meadow. Cool and surrounded by forest. Feels almost like Hawai’i.

Jaitown Oak Forest

Luscious oak forest half-way between the parking area and The Meadow. Shady, cool and beautiful. Perfect for those seeking shade and a Hobbit-like place to pitch for the weekend.

Papa’s Grove 

Closest camping area to the front of the property. Super convenient for late comers or if you’re just staying for a night or two. Our alter-abled guests have appreciated the proximity to the front of the property.


This is our hidden, quietest nook — close to the front of camp but tucked away along and with a beautiful view of the Long Tom River, which is full and with a nice flow this year. Lots of birds, fish jumping, beautiful in the morning and evening especially. One of our best spots – get here early – or if you’ve got a group of 10 or more we’ll save you a spot!



This is exclusively for our friends in Vanagon and VW camper-style vehicles, and is the only area where “car-camping” is allowed. It’s almost got a “Shakedown Street” feel. You’ll be parked with your fellow Vanagon owners so you can all talk about how much you spend on maintenance and repairs. There’s room for your van, a 2-4 person tent and small table. PLEASE NOTE: You need to purchase a Vanagon pass as well as a camping pass for each person in your party. Also, there’s no in-out access for the van during the weekend, so once you arrive you’ll be parked until your departure.