Oregon Country Fair Camping | On Suttle Road

Our Location

We’re 9 beautiful riverfront acres at 24842 Suttle Road, 7/10 of a mile (about a 13-15 minute walk) to where Country Fair Aero Road meets Suttle Road and from there it’s another 6-8 to the gate. In total, it takes about 18 minutes to the fair entrance, about 6 if you bike.

Got a bike? Bring your bike! You’ll be from here to the gate in 6 minutes. It’ll be your fastest and easiest way to and from Fair and it’s also a lot of fun for crusing around our campground. We definitely recommend that if you have a bike, bring your bike!

Got kids? Bring a wagon (or bikes for everyone). 

From our campground it’s about a 4 minute walk to the Hilltop Market (convenience store) and a 10 minute bike ride to Ray’s Grocery store and Bi-Mart.

Thinking of driving to Fair? It’s doable, just down the street, but traffic can be backed up and unless you have alter-abled parking you can wind up parking far from the gate and having to huff yourself a long walk to the gate anyway. But if you’ve got a bunch of kids and stuff, driving from Furthurside to Fair is a solid idea, just plan on trying to get to Fair early so you can beat any traffic and wind up parking closer to the main gate.