Bike to the Oregon Country Fair

Bring your bike! There’s no better way to get around the Furthurside and to Fair than by bike. Also if you plan to spend any time in Eugene you’ll find it one of the most bikeable cities around.

With a bike you’ll be from your tent to Fair entrance in no time and it’s really a pleasure to zip around on two wheels. And if you want to get out and explore, we also like to bike the Fern Ridge Trail which takes you from near the reservoir all the way into Eugene. It’s a great ride.

Plus you’ll be able to go to Ray’s Grocery and Bi-Mart in about 10 minutes and when cars can be backed up on Suttle Rd. you’ll be zipping to Fair and town on your bike. The walk to Fair is about 18 minutes, 6-8 by bike. Yes, there’s plenty of places to lock your bike at Fair, too.

We live here year ’round and bike to Fair for fun and exercise all the time. Lots more guests brought bikes last year and it was awesome. Biking is fun and healthy and you should bring your bike! Cruiser, mountain are best. Fixies are best left in the city.