Country Fair and Regional/Travel Tips

Coming to the Oregon Country Fair for the first time? We’ve been in the area for a long while and are happy to put together some tips and info for you here. It’s by no means exhaustive but should cover most of the basics.

Tips for Fair Itself

Here’s some key things most will agree on to make the best of your time when coming to Fair and for Fair camping.

Be Prepared

It’s Oregon and the weather is wild. Maybe it’ll be 95 degrees, maybe 65 and raining. Definitely plan ahead and accordingly and be sure you have the right supplies based on the weather report. But even on the hottest days, it will usually still cool down at night so you’ll want to have a decent sleeping bag.

Days at Fair are amazing and bewildering and astounding. Prepare for long days on your feet and tons of things to do and see. Be sure to bring whatever you’ll need for a full day – watch the weather. But mostly just be ready to have open-minded fun.


Sorta goes without saying but for camping in the summer you’ll want to bring long sleeves and long pants, bug spray, sun screen and a water bottle and hat. Stay hydrated. Wear comfortable shoes or sandals. If it looks like it’s going to be rainy bring tall boots and a slicker and warm stuff. Bring snacks, flashlight, pocketknife and extra shoes and socks.


Even though there’s plenty of awesome food at Fair and we have food trucks, you’ll want to bring snacks, drinks and, if you wish, stuff to prepare your meals. All campsites are “primitive” – no picnic tables – so you’ll need to set up to do full-on cooking. Propane stoves/grills only. We sell ice and snacks.

Bring Money

There’s simply an incredible amount of art, clothing, jewelry and food to be had at the Fair and you’ll definitely want to bring some funds to enjoy it all. Figure food at the Fair to be $9+ for an “entree” or main dish. Many of the craft vendors can take credit cards, but for food and drink bring cash.

Nearby Shopping

Our camground and the Country Fair are within a quick drive and bike (but a bit long walk) to the main shopping center in Veneta, which is at the crossroads of Hwy 126 and Territorial Hwy.

Ray’s Supermarket

Main supermarket in Veneta. It’s a little pricey so we recommend you do most of your shopping in Eugene (or wherever you’re coming from) and run to Ray’s if you need to top up.


Practically the Veneta town hall. Everything you’ll need for camping like tarps, tents, snacks, bug-spray, cosmetics, beer, hardware, you name it, they’ve got it.

Hilltop Market

At the corner of Territorial and Suttle Rd. Typical convenience store but with a big selection of microbrews. Good place for quick stuff, ice, etc. Four minute walk from our gate.

Veneta Farmer’s Market

There’s a great little farmer’s market in Veneta on Saturday morning. Most of the farms are located right within the area so everything is amazingly fresh and delicious.

Other Stuff

The shopping center in Veneta has: a laundromat, smoke shop, Dairy Queen, Subway, Taco Time, Ace Hardware, Oregon Herbals Remedies Dispensary.


Fern Ridge Reservoir

We’re just a few minutes from Fern Ridge, a huge reservoir with several public parks where you can picnic, swim, fish and cool off. Even if it’s a super hot day, there’s usually a nice breeze to be had. Great place for birding, kayaking, BBQ, laying under a shady tree.

The Oregon Coast

We’re just about an hour to the town of Florence which is on the Oregon Coast. Great access to beaches and the gateway to Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. It’s super beautiful here and if it’s super hot here in the Valley it can be 10-20 degrees cooler at the coast – always a great getaway.

Oreon Wineries

There’s some world class vineyards and tasting rooms within a short drive of Furthurside Campground. If you’ve got some time be sure to check them out. Oregon’s pretty darn famous for its special grape juice.